Don't Leave Your Health to Chance

Get full-coverage vision and dental insurance in Huntington Beach, CA

Your oral health and eye health are just as important as your heart health. With full-coverage vision and dental insurance, you'll have access to preventive health screenings and care to help maintain your overall health.

Pro-Temp Relief LLC in Huntington Beach, CA will meet with you to discuss your coverage needs and search to find a comprehensive vision or dental insurance plan that fits your budget. Call to schedule an appointment and we can get you covered today.

Insurance doesn't have to be expensive

With so many dental and vision insurance policies available, it can be hard to determine the best options for your needs. Pro-Temp Relief will work with you to understand your coverage needs and help find a plan that offers the best money-saving benefits available. Many policies offer benefits like:

  • Low-cost copays for dental or eye visits.
  • Discounts on eyeglass frames and lenses.
  • Free X-rays with routine dental checkups.
Find better dental or vision insurance for your family. Reach out to us today to learn more.